Simulation with SIR model

SIR モデルによるシミュレーション

Num of infection caused by one infected per day   N β      small: stay at home <=> large: normal life
Days for recovery 1 / γ   small: recover or die quickly <=> large: recover only slowly
Basic reproduction number R0   

The number indicates how many are got infected by one. It should be kept lower than 1.0.

Advanced Feature
Starting date:
Time Span: days

Population N: Infected I: Recovered R:
X-axis scale
Y-axis scale

Description -- SIR model

to be filled later maybe...

\\ \frac{dS}{dt} = - \beta \frac{S I}{N} \\ \frac{dI}{dt} = + \beta \frac{S I}{N} - \gamma I \\ \frac{dR}{dt} = + \gamma I

Data sources


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Source code

Everything is downloaded and running on your web browser. Nothing is running on the backend server. Feel free to hack.